The Moonseries carnations are produced in the high elevations of Ecuador and Colombia. The climates in these countries provide an environment that allows production 52 weeks of the year. The location close to the equator allows for equal daylight and even temperatures year round. Large amounts of fresh water are required to produce flowers.

The Colombian production site has sufficient rainfall which feeds into rivers rather than reservoirs. Cundimarca, a state is located on top of a sabana, is lush because water is bountiful.

The Ecuador production site also has sufficient rainfall but can also rely on the snow capped volcanoes to supply water. Over time the ice and snow is melted by the sun and water migrates slowly down the peaks. The small trickles of water feed into streams then rivers and canals providing fresh, cold water to life below. On a clear day one can see all three snow capped volcanoes from the city of Quito.

Colombia and Ecuador are major suppliers of fresh cut flowers to the world; mostly to the United States, Europe, Japan and Russia. Approximately 80% of the flowers supplied to the United States come from South America. Production for Suntory Flowers/ Florigene are by two farms; one in each country.


Volcano "The Cayambe" 30 minutes from the farm in Ecuador.

Flores Luna Nueva is located in Sesquile, Cundimarca, Colombia, 64 km north east of Bogota.

The farm has 13 production hectares and employss approximately 220 people from the surrounding towns. These people help produce 20 million stems annually which are shipped to the US, Europe, Russia and Japan. Farms such as Flores Luna Nueva are important economic blocks to small communities outside of Bogota, Colombia pop. 8 million. Each employee supports an average family of 4 . Employees receive social benefits such as vacation, medical, retirement and bi-annual mandatory bonuses. People working at farms take pride in their work and do the best they can to export quality products to foreign markets.

Flores Equinocciales S.A is located exactly on the equator, at 2400 meters above sea level, 60 minutes from Quito, the capital of the Republic of Ecuador.

365 days a year the weather is spring like with a luminosity of 12 to 14 hours a day. These conditions allow for some of the best flower production conditions in the world.


The gorge seen behind the farm is the equator line.

Florequisa, founded in 1985, comprises a group of enterprising, loyal, efficient flower growers with a high sense of honor and respect for human dignity, producing flowers that are fresh, healthy, in harmony between man and nature.

Florequisa has 1,000 employees of which 80 % have been part of the permanent staff for over 20 years. Florequisa is a fair opportunity employer. For example, 10 % of the staff are legally disabled and are fully employed.

Employees enjoy various benefits such as,

  • ・Commissary which provides breakfast and lunch.
  • ・Transportation to and from the farm.
  • ・Cooperative (Savings and Loans)
  • ・Legal aid benefits
  • ・10% special disabled staff working on the farm
  • ・On site medical services .
  • ・Recreational areas.